Saturday, December 26, 2020

Building Massive Biceps : Basic Training Principles

Building Massive Biceps : Basic Training Principles
People familiar with my beliefs know that I advocate hard, heavy training. If you want more muscle then you need to focus on lifting progressively heavier weights. The faster you increase your training poundages, the faster you grow muscle. Simple.

Generally speaking, to make the most rapid strength/muscle gains, training should be based on basic, compound exercises using very heavy poundages. And whenever intensity (poundages) are high, training volume needs to be comparatively low(ish). Simple.

But high intensity, low volume training is not always the most efficient way to make rapid strength/size gains. And it would be ludicrous to suggest that no other training protocol has a valid application in the pursuit of size and strength - far too many bodybuilders and strength athletes have succeeded using higher volume and/or lower intensity training. Besides, using any unchanging combination of training intensity, volume and frequency will quickly lead to stagnation.

In the case of the arms, there is good evidence to suggest that higher volume, 'pump' training is a more effective means of achieving size and strength.

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