Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Building Massive Biceps : Arm Workout Structure

Building Massive Biceps : Arm Workout Structure
There are several unique considerations when structuring an upper arm training routine given that the goal should be a maximum pump and stretch.

1. try to train biceps and triceps together in the same workout.
2. Use 'compound sets' where you alternate each set of biceps with a set of triceps.

3. Make extensive use of cheat and partial reps or drop sets to continue your sets beyond failure. Don't cheat just to use weights your arms can't lift. But it is productive to cheat to keep a set going when good quality reps are no longer possible.
4. For the last exercise of your arm workouts, consider a stretch movement.
5. When you finish your arm workout use a partner, weight or fixed device for some intense fascial stretching

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