Sunday, June 12, 2022

How to Build Pectoral Muscles :

How to Build Pectoral Muscles
One of the most frequently asked questions by readers of the "Ask Dr Muscle" column is, "how do I build impressive pecs?" For the uninitiated (in bodybuilding lingo), pectoral muscles also known as pecs are the muscles of the chest.

A well built chest accords you high status and an authoritative air. The subconscious pre-selection mechanism in the opposite sex responds extremely well to impressive pecs, marking you as a suitable breeder and provider!

But it's not like I needed to convince you of that, so let's get down to business...

How do you build your pecs?

There are several different exercises you can use to develop a chest but I'll give you the best three core exercises. Here they are:

👉 1. Flat Bench Press
👉 2. Incline Bench
👉 3. Wide Grip Dips

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