Thursday, December 28, 2017

Video Girl bodybuilding muscle flexing big biceps :

Video Girl bodybuilding muscle flexing big biceps
Figure Competitions - The popular figure competition is a spawn off of female bodybuilding. It was introduced in 2001 to allow women to compete who didn't want to obtain a great amount of muscle. Figure competitions opened the door so that almost any woman can compete with a chance at placing. However, as the years passed, the figure competitors, too, became more competitive, getting more and more muscular and defined. This division also became somewhat secluded where only the best of the best could place well and become pro.

Bikini Contests - As the figure competitions grew in popularity, so did the competitors muscle, which opened a door to another new division to allows more women to compete on stage without having to build muscle. This new category is the bikini contest. The bikini competitors don't need to display any muscle or definition. They simply have to look good in a bikini and pose according to the guidelines.

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