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Dumbbell Buying Tips, Avoid These Mistakes I Made (Part 1) :

Dumbbell Buying Tips, Avoid These Mistakes I Made (Part 1)
Lesson from an Exercise Addict

I am an exercise addict. I love exercising. I need to exercise at least 4 days a week and I always exercise in the gym. But there are times when I am caught up in work or when weather does not permit when I HAVE to exercise at home.

The idea of a home gym is not new to me but not only I find it a waste of my money but also of little use as the maintenance would outweigh the benefit of working out 1 - 2 days a month, sometimes even less.

And when I thought that Bodyweight exercises are all I can do, I realized that dumbbells are an excellent alternative as almost all exercises that I do at the gym{ barring a few} can be done at home if I have dumbbells.

Mistakes too costly for me

The first mistake I made and many make is to buy fixed weight dumbbells. I had seen cement dumbbells in my neighbor's place and I thought of no other type when it came to buying. If you are just starting out then these fixed weight dumbbells are enough to get you accustomed to new exercises but if are using weight training exercises for muscular fitness, and strength is what you want then buy adjustable ones as only progressive resistance help build muscle and strength.

An adjustable dumbbell comes with a small bar and locks. You need to buy additional plates of different sizes and voila! you have a complete mini-home gym. More on dumbbell selection below.

Second mistake is not to buy a bench along with dumbbells. Make sure you have enough space at home or garage for a bench which should also be adjustable for incline and decline dumbbells press exercises. Also a bench will act as a chair for all your seated exercises like seated dumbbell curls.

Why Dumbbells? Advantages of Dumbbells

    - They are cheaper and occupies less space.
    - Free Weight exercises using dumbbells are excellent for natural range of motion. This allows for unrestrained movements and help build better co-ordination between both sides.
    - Along with a Bench{ adjustable one} you can do almost all exercises for all muscle groups.
    - Need I go on?

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