Thursday, March 3, 2022

18-years-old, is Brittany Bettile (Brittany Leigh) a future Ms Olympia?

18-years-old, is Brittany Bettile (Brittany Leigh) a future Ms Olympia?
Teenage female bodybuilder Brittany Bettile (Brittany Leigh) has already built huge lats

We've showcased some of the finest female muscle on the planet here on, from the most massive Ms Olympia contestants to the hottest hardbodies.

But right now all that experienced female muscle is taking a back seat to an up-coming 18-year-old female bodybuilder called Brittany Bettile who is currently the most popular bodybuilder on the entire site!

Teen muscle girl Brittany, who sometimes uses the name Brittany Leigh, started bodybuilding at the age of 16, in February last year, after having the good fortune to bump into a pro female bodybuilder at her local gym.

(She still won't tell us the identity of her bodybuilder mentor!)

Two years later she has transformed from skinny High School cheerleader to serious female bodybuilder and muscle athlete with two bodybuilding competition wins under her belt already.

She has growing lat spread of a female bodybuilding champion, peaked 14 inch biceps, thick, powerful traps and an iron-hard six pack.

Brittany, from Ohio, is currently in Brazil on an exchange visit but is training hard and determined to succeed as a Pro bodybuilder.

Brittany said: “I weighed 122lbs when I started bodybuilding but muscled-up to 134lbs.

“My biceps got two inches bigger, they are easily 14 inches when I am pumped. I really like the way my biceps have grown.”

As the Professional sport of female bodybuilding continues to lurch from crisis to crisis it is truly refreshing to see such a superb young talent who pumps iron and competes soley for the joy of bodybuilding.

A future Ms Olympia? We have no doubt Brittany can go as far as her dreams will take her.

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