Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Why Women Should Build Muscle (Part 1)

Why Women Should Build Muscle (Part 1)
Women often have a common misconception that if they work out with weights they will grow huge muscles, like a man. They think weight training will force them to lose their womanly figures. Much of this misconception comes from the perception of female bodybuilders seen in peak form. This is what women think they will look like if they work out with weights. Because of this they may avoid exercises that develop their muscles altogether. Well this perception simply isn't true. This article addresses why women should build muscle.

One of the fears that women have when they are trying to lose weight is that bigger muscles will cause them to gain weight. In a way this is true because muscle does weigh more than fat. So if a woman's goal is simply to lose weight so she sees a smaller number on the scale then so be it - lose some weight without working the muscles. But you are really short changing yourself if that is all you do.

You can lose weight and look smaller than you did before. You can fit into smaller clothes sizes too. You may look better just because you lost some weight. But do you look tone and firm or do you look like a smaller, flabby version of your previous self? If so this is one reason why you should train with weights. As you lose the fat you'll want to firm up the muscles so you can develop that sexy, shapely appearance. Yes, you may gain one or two pounds of lean muscle mass but that's OK. You'll look lean, firm and tone and your clothes will fit that much better.

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