Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Exercise, A Successful Plan : The Aerobic System

Exercise, A Successful Plan : The Aerobic System
The Aerobic System :

Aerobic  training, (light jogging, easy swimming, easy biking etc.), is  extremely beneficial in the promotion of health. In order to engage  this system, we must exercise within a certain, low heart rate range.  The aerobic system relies on great amounts of oxygen in order to  produce energy, and the major fuel used when training aerobically is  fat. The same amount of fat contains more than twice as much potential  fuel as do carbohydrates. Therefore, when we engage our aerobic systems  during exercise, we not only become more efficient, we also burn fat.  Not only should fat be our fuel of choice for energy, it is also the  one most people want to get rid of in the first place. Too much aerobic  training is possible, but rare. For the most part, aerobic activity  will strengthen our immune, respiratory, circulatory and  musculoskeletal systems. Additionally, we lose fat and increase our  energy.

The  most appropriate exercise for people is a prolonged, steady use of our  slow fibers. Studies examining the effects of aerobic exercise and  general health bear this out. Walking and other forms of aerobic  exercise have been recommended for all people, because of their health  promoting effects.

Benefits of aerobic exercise:

  •     Decreases stress on sensitive tissues like the adrenal glands
  •     Reduces the chance of over-training
  •     Increases blood circulation to all tissues
  •     Strengthens immune system
  •     Promotes fat loss
  •     Detoxifies tissues and eliminates waste

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