Monday, November 29, 2021

Exercise, A Successful Plan : How to Start

Exercise, A Successful Plan : How to Start
How to Start :

There  are two goals with exercise - to care for our bodies, or if you are an  athlete, to improve performance. The program below meets both of these  goals.

Almost  all people have an aerobic system deficiency; those that don't, will  not be harmed by doing extra aerobic work. Therefore, we should start  by building the aerobic base. This may take up to three months. During  this time, NO anaerobic exercise should be performed. For some this may  sound difficult, and it is. You will find an appropriate time or season  in your schedule. Just remember that exercise is an integral part of  health. Without exercise, health is not possible, so the sooner you  start, the better.

Dr.  Phil Maffetone wrote a book, In Fitness and in Health, which discuses  the topic of exercise in depth. I have found this book to be a  straight-forward, common-sense approach to exercise and have included  many of his ideas in the exercise programs I recommend. I present some  of these ideas below.

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