Sunday, November 28, 2021

Exercise, A Successful Plan : Maximum Aerobic Function Test (MAF)

Exercise, A Successful Plan : Maximum Aerobic Function Test (MAF)
Maximum Aerobic Function Test (MAF) :

After  beginning an exercise program, it is important to monitor progress to  ensure that you are developing as intended. You will notice many  subjective changes: feeling better, not as tired, more energy, not as  sick, sleeping better etc. Also, you should perform a maximum aerobic  function test (MAF) to check for objective changes as well.

Pick  a distance that can be measured. When you begin the program, while  walking in your target heart rate range, complete your chosen course  and record your time. Over the next few weeks repeat the test. If you  are able to walk the same distance in less time while maintaining your  target heart rate range then you are improving your aerobic system. The  opposite can be done as well.

Pick an amount of time you are going to  perform an exercise, and measure how far you go. If you are making  progress, you should be able to go further in the same amount of time  on the next test. These tests are important emotionally because they  demonstrate that progress is being made, which encourages further  exercise. Perform an MAF test every 3 or 4 weeks.

I  you are not improving, evaluate your health. Have you been sick,  stressed, getting enough rest, eating bad foods etc.? Address these  issues and keep going. Most will find that they improve rather quickly  and that they have to progress from walking to a slow jog in order to  maintain their minimum heart rate range.

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