Monday, November 29, 2021

Exercise, A Successful Plan : What to Expect

Exercise, A Successful Plan :  What to Expect

What to Expect :

Most  people will be shocked at how quickly their heart rate exceeds their  maximum range. I frequently need to reinforce this style of exercise to  patients who simply can't believe that training so slowly can do any  good. Patients who are presently joggers and who exercised two or three  times per week with no apparent difficulty, are surprised to find that  their normal exercise routine produced a heart rate 10, 20, 30 or more  beats above maximum. These were the same patients who showed many signs  of adrenal fatigue and nagging injuries. In only a short period of  time, after training in their aerobic range, they were able to resume  their previous running course and speed, this time with a much lower  heart rate and few, if any, nagging injuries. This indicated that they  had indeed developed their aerobic base and were beginning to receive  its many benefits.

Another  sign that you are training aerobically is the presence of sore muscles.  Since most people have trained their fast fibers while neglecting their  slow fibers, they have unknowingly become sugar burners instead of fat  burners. While training at a lower heart rate, the slow (fat burning)  fibers will be the primary tissues worked, leading to soreness. This  soreness, after an easy aerobic workout, is good. It will pass in a few  days and is a sign that you are on the right track.


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