Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Don't Workout for Weight Gain If You Want an Attractive Body :

Don't Workout for Weight Gain If You Want an Attractive Body
If you start working out you will likely hear all sorts of misinformation saying you should be working out for weight gain. That is fine for bulky bodybuilder types and guys who want to be cartoon big, but not the advice you need if you want a more attractive body.

Even though the majority of people want to get the lean and toned look of a celebrity or underwear model, it's all too common to be told we need to ignore the mirror and how we actually look in the name of more weight. You know you're in trouble when your workouts are all about weight; the weight on the bar, and what you weigh on the scale.

How much can you bench and how much do you weigh?
These are two questions that can destroy your quest for an attractive body because it means your focus is on the things that don't really matter.

The Science says so
Repeated studies have shown that men consistently overestimate the size they need to be to have a body more attractive to women. But its way more obvious than that. Just ask any women who she'd rather have as a vacation partner and you will realise that the big and bulky look hasn't gone out of fashion, it never was in!

For the ladies you are often told not to worry that muscle weighs more than fat and so you should be aiming for weight gain. But gaining weight, muscle or fat is not the route to the more attractive feminine body you want either.

If you need further evidence just follow the money trail and look at the images used to inspire men and women to spend money. Movies, magazines and adverts are all about staying lean.

Weight gain is usually fat
This term of weight is misleading. For most people after the first few pounds it's not muscle you are gaining, but fat mass. Fat mass that is going to come off when you decide that you actually would prefer to be in shape. Who wants that??!

It's a look you want, not a weight!
Ditch the scale, if you are not happy with your reflection what good is it to you what the number says? No one cares how much you lift, or what you weigh, and neither do you really, it's all about the look, a lean and attractive body, and you don't need to workout for weight gain to get it.

Use the mirror, your clothes, and the tape measure
These are much more accurate indicators of how you look and whether you are moving in the direction you want to be. Plus you'll get feedback from people to tell you just how great you look. And you will look great!

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