Monday, June 27, 2022

How to lose weight fast: scientific ways to drop fat

How to lose weight fast: scientific ways to drop fat
I first discovered fasting in 2019 and used the BodyFast app like it was a bible. Starting at 180lbs I was so unhappy with myself and was so uncomfortable in my own body. By the next year i dropped 40 pounds. I never thought I could ever do it but the more I dropped weight, more motivated I got. I was active, eating better and overall living a way healthier lifestyle. I owe that all to IF. It taught me how to take care of my body. THEN. Covid hit. I slowly stopped exercising. Then I started eating worse. I stopped taking care of me. Mostly because of stress. i still was very happy with myself so I didn't pay much attention to the small gain.

Then in 2021 I injured my back which led me to more stress. Not being able to move at all due to pain caused the gain of another 15lbs That is 25-30lbs that I WORKED SO HARD to lose. I now sit at 165lbs. The feeling of discomfort and disappointment with myself has come back. I cannot deal with that mental anguish. So now is my decision to hold myself accountable and get back on track, better late than never hey? I found the first time I started this, holding myself accountable was how I stayed on track.

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