Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Women' Strength-Training, Exercises for Women and Misconceptions :

This is a very common question I get asked by women who want to improve their bodies through changing body composition (women who want to lose body fat or/and gain muscle tissue), or get in shape and be strong for performing better in a specific sports and confront everyday tasks.

But women seeking strength-training sometimes have concerns regarding this issue and how to go about it. Women's concern can be summarized in few words; women who are seeking strength-training don't want to be bulky and muscular like men, period.

You know like those weightlifters or bodybuilders' physique, most women want to firm up their bodies, tone their arms and lose some body fat but still maintain their feminine sexy look.

A very small percentage of women who have a full-time job as professional bodybuilders and practice strength-training for the sole purpose of getting big and very lean through training many hours a day in addition to using performance-enhancing supplements/drugs.

Women performing strength-training naturally should not fear getting huge or bulky like men for a valid reason that the majority of women have lower levels of testosterone than men.

So, the rest of the women's population who want to get in shape through utilizing strength training should relax and start performing strength-training to get the health benefits of strength-training.

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