Friday, May 3, 2019

Video Strongest and Biggest female bodybuilder :

- Be comfortable at opposite ends of the spectrum. Work on being the type of man who can go through a grueling workout with her at the gym, and a few hours later introduce her to something fascinating at the museum. Show her you can cheer for your favorite sports team with the guys in the afternoon and then join her friends at a nice dinner later that evening.
- Understand the business of her sport. If you want to date a female bodybuilder, get up to speed on the bodybuilding industry. Know the terms, what they have to do to prepare, and how the contests work.

Show her that you understand part of her world and hopefully she will reciprocate by wanting to understand part of yours. Yes, this is even if you are a computer programmer specializing in arcane programming styles!
Obviously there are several more traits you should have, but ensuring that your head is straight, you have your finances in order, you can laugh, be intelligent, be diverse, and know something about her sport is a great place to start. These are the TRAITS which will go a long way toward making you more appealing to a strong, muscular woman.

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