Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 7) :

Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 7)
Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 7) :
4. Side chest

The chest is raised. The shoulders are held at approximately even height. The wrist is clasped with hand. Turn your best side to the audience, put legs together, lift heel of front foot. Fill lungs with air to lift rib cage, pull shoulder back, bend audience-side arm to flex bicep, push down on arm with other hand. Arch your back slightly, suck in stomach, flex pec, and smile to judges.

Helpful Tips: Mash front thigh against rear thigh to make look thicker, contract rear pec by pushing it to front with back arm.

5. Side tricep

The arm is held straight or nearly so, and may be rotated slightly. The wrist is held with the hand. The calf is spiked, with the toe placed at the instep of the foot. Grab displayed arm's hand with other hand to hold it back.

Helpful Tips: Try different degrees of arm-bending to see which most brings out tricep. Flex abs, and especially chest and delts. Press arm against torso to make it look thicker. Push forward arm against rear arm to bring out shoulder detail.

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