Sunday, June 30, 2019

Working Out Less Often Will Help You to Get Massive Muscles (Part 1) :

A lot of people think that harder you work the better the results will be. Although this is often the case it is not always the truth. Referring to lifting weights you might think that you will be able to gain muscles faster by training longer or more often.

Isn't that obvious? Well, not really.

No matter what you might think, it is a fact that this is not true when it comes to bodybuilding! This common rule does not longer apply.

OK, I guess I know what you want to say now: "You mean that it will help to get massive muscles by spending less time in the gym?"

Yes, exactly! Training less often can actually help you to get massive muscles, and it becomes obvious why this is the case when you think about the basics of the muscle-growth process.

All the processes in your body are designed to keep you well and healthy. Evolution made sure that the human body can adapt to something you put it through and finally come out stronger than before.

If the body is deprived of food or water starts to send out signals of discomfort. In the presence of UV rays it reacts by tanning and developing calluses to protect the skin, and so on.

When we work out, we break down our muscle tissues. So what is the body's response to that? - If your answer is "you get massive muscles" then you're absolutely right.

Your muscles will respond if your body feels like you have posed a threat to its muscles. The reaction of the body is to increase the size of the muscles (hypertrophy) because it wants to protect you. Therefore the best way to get massive muscles is to keep the body in a state where is it permanently forced to adapt. To achieve this you can either increase the weight or the number of reps or each week.
↪ Working Out Less Often Will Help You to Get Massive Muscles (Part 1)

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