Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bodybuilding For Female, What NOT to Expect :

Bodybuilding For Female, What NOT to Expect
Bodybuilding for women is an excellent way to become stronger, leaner, and have a tighter, beautiful looking physique. But there many worries women have about bodybuilding and lifting weights. Here are 4 important things not to expect when weight training as a woman:

1. Don't worry about getting big and bulky!

You should expect not to become bulky from weight lifting. This is a common myth about bodybuilding for women. We simply do not have the same testosterone levels as men do, thus cannot achieve the big and bulky look, that is without really purposely going for that look, and that requires doing some pretty extreme things that most women would not want to do anyway.

2. Breasts wont get bigger!

You shouldn't expect to get your breasts bigger through weightlifting. Though you can very well firm up your chest. Your breasts and chest area could actually look better after firming, but size wise it's not like they will increase drastically in size.

3. You won't get all stiff and muscle bounty!

Another myth is that bodybuilding for women automatically will make you stiff, forcing you to walk around all muscle bound like! As long as you perform the exercises in the proper manner, which is a full range of motion, then your muscles will actually stretch, and it can lead to better flexibility!

4. Don't just use light weights!

Bodybuilding for women requires using weights which will provide the proper resistance. You won't be able to use those little 2.5 pound dumbbells for all your exercises! There's just not enough resistance weight to give you the look you want. Your weights will vary with each exercise. Try to choose a weight you can only do for 12-15 repetitions.

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