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And so my long journey began - Weight loss :

And so my long journey began - Weight loss

Ok…here goes 😬 Just turned 46 🤗
The photo on the left was just about 10 years and 100 pounds ago. This is actually the first time I’ve shared the left pic, as it’s something that literally makes me cringe each time I see it. I was unhealthy, extremely uncomfortable and rarely allowed myself to be photographed.

I used to over eat…a lot.  And I despised physical activity, and honestly, sweating in general. Well, that overindulgent sedentary lifestyle finally caught up with me. It wasn’t until my dad died of a sudden heart attack at the young age of 52 that I knew I had to get my shit together. And so my long journey began.

It started with altering my eating habits. I’m a firm believer in moderation, and not cutting out things that I love. I think that depriving one’s self of the things they love will ultimately end in binging and it’s not a way of life that is maintainable in the long run. So I still have the things I love, just not as often.

Then came the really hard part- the physical activity. I’ve had many failed attempts at trying to get into a routine that I liked and that stuck. It wasn’t until last year that an extremely knowledgeable and encouraging soul told me that if I just focused on making physical activity a part of my everyday life for a solid month that it would become a habit. “Almost second nature and something that my body craved”, he said. In that moment, I honestly thought he was full of shit lol. But I took his advice and gave it my best. Well, like with many other things that he’s taught me, he was spot on. He has continued to provide constant encouragement, motivation and pushes me outside of my comfort zone, which has proven to be exactly what I needed to get my ass in gear.

I’ve now learned that movement and physical activity doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be enjoyable, and more importantly, therapeutic. It’s now something that I look forward to and rely on as part of my daily routine. That is honestly something that I NEVER thought I’d say!

A lot of people have asked me “what’s your secret” or if I’ve had weight loss surgery or use weight loss drugs. The answer is no. Unfortunately, there is no magic secret. It’s just learning to be disciplined and desperately wanting to change myself for the better. I’m happy to say that I am in the best shape and physical health that I’ve ever been in. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a work in progress, but I’m also extremely proud of how far I’ve come.

It has been an extremely long road, with lots of ups and downs, but slow and steady always wins the race. And I firmly believe that weight loss and being the healthiest version of yourself is not meant to be a sprint. It’s a marathon 💪🏼

*EDITED TO ADD* For those of you asking about my workout routine/eating habits:

I try to work out 4-5 times a week for 45 mins at a clip. I need the fresh air for my mental health and enjoying being outside no matter what weather or time of year. So I’ll usually do a mixture of brisk walking/sprinting for 45 mins or so. I also love to hike, but try to do that at a brisk pace as well. If I have to workout indoors, I have a treadmill and a bike that I rely on, but I do find that to be soooo boring.

I also have rebounder (mini trampoline) that helps with lymphatic drainage and just helps to boost my overall mood. I also jump rope. For resistance training, I rely on You Tube videos- usually resistance band workouts, kettle bell workouts or free weight workouts. I’m not someone who likes to rely on the gym for my workouts. For me, It’s easier and more attainable to just throw on my running shoes and head outside rather than having to drive somewhere to workout. I also plan on ordering snow shoes to enjoy walks/hikes in the snow. In the summer, I got a membership to the town pool and would run in place and/or do high knees, or simply tread water for an extended period of time. I also like to bike ride when the weather is good. But I DID NOT start out at this rate. I started off gradually and worked my way up to this. Again, that was more maintainable for me.

In terms of my diet. I don’t believe in cutting out things, but I do avoid eating fast food as much as possible. I drink a lot of water about 120 oz day. And I try to avoid eating after 8pm. I eat a lot of vegetables and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. I also don’t drink much. I enjoy an IPA on occasion or a Tito’s and seltzer with lime. But I rarely drink now.

I hope this helps 🤗

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