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Thigh and glute exercises. The squat : Targeted muscles, Execution of the exercise :

Thigh and glute exercises. The squat : Targeted muscles, Execution of the exercise
This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the whole body but aims mainly at the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. It is the exercise king of bodybuilding. "Those who do not do squats, do not do bodybuilding" is an expression we often hear from bodybuilders. Quite technical, it requires a good balance and flexibility. Efficient and cost-effective, it is not suitable for all body types that will benefit more from other exercises.

Targeted muscles :
The gluteus maximus, quadriceps (right anterior, crural biceps, vastus externus and interna), back thighs (half membranous, half tendinous), soleus calves, abdominal fixation muscles, small and medium gluteus, adductors, back (spinal, lumbar ) and to a lesser extent the muscles of the shoulder girdle (shoulders, trapezius) to maintain the bar.

Execution of the exercise :
Standing, the bar resting on the trapezoids, hands spaced shoulder width or more, feet in duck - at ten past ten - slightly wider than the shoulder width and placed in the axis of the knees. Flex your knees and push the buttocks back with the right bust. Descend theoretically until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Limit the amplitude if you feel that you are going to round your back or if your heels are off the ground. The bar goes down and up vertically, with no stops in the up position and rebounds in the down position. Balance can be difficult at first, it takes time to master the exercise.

Thigh and glute exercises. The squat : Breathing, Safety instructions, variants

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