Saturday, January 6, 2018

The largest and best tall girls :

The largest and best tall girls
Although I do love being tall I do have some issues that still come up. Buying clothes! We can all agree! Over the years I have found more and more options to buy clothes that fit, but why do I have to order all my jeans! Yes, I am 6'5 and there are not to many of us 6'5" females walking the earth, but there are enough of use to be able to go into a store, and pick up a pair of 37 inseam pants! There are plus size sections, why not more tall sections. And when I say tall I mean an inseam over 35! Even when I played in the WNBA my sweats, game or travel were always short.

I don't get it. Guess they thought I wanted to show off the WNBA logo on my socks while I walked through the airport! Long sleeve shirt, LOL what's that? I think you mean 3/4 length shirts. I think I can count the amount of long sleeve shirts that I have in my closet that actually go beyond my wrist on one had. Sad I know LOL. Maybe if we ban together there will eventually be a few more stores that offer clothing to us in the actually store and not just online...

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