Thursday, December 21, 2017

Female bodybuilding muscular But it caught my attention :

In order to appeal to a female bodybuilder or other muscular woman, you do not have to be a multi-millionaire or a bodybuilder yourself! Work on these traits to increase the odds of being attractive to a muscular babe:

- Get your finances in order. If you live in your parents' basement you have lowered your odds because of the perception that you lack ambition. If you are in this situation, don't despair! Have a plan to increase your finances and move out on your own; if you have sufficient finances but still live at home (except for a noble reason such as taking care of ill or elderly family members) then work on the underlying issues so that you can have the independence and strength of character which a muscular woman loves in a man.

- Get rid of any lingering effects that abuse or trauma had on you. If you don't address these issues you run the risk of self-sabotage, and not just in the dating/relationship arena. Seek qualified professional help.

- Have a sense of intelligent humor. If the pinnacle of your humor in casual conversation is discussing the latest comic strip, consider adding some more intelligent humor into your world. Being able to laugh at highbrow and lowbrow humor (when appropriate) is a great way to show a strong woman that you have are varied and diverse...

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